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Student Council

Student Council Responsibilities

Student Council members are elected by their peers to serve the school in several areas of student life:

  • They identify and communicate needs to the administration and faculty on behalf of the student body.
  • They identify and communicate policy suggestions to the administration. 
  • They plan, organize, and facilitate student activities during the school year, including pep rallies, homecoming, and Catholic schools week.

2022-2023 Student Council Officers

Student Body

  • President: Riley Houser
  • Vice-President: Olivia Delcambre
  • Secretary: Lexie Bourgeois
  • Treasurer: Isabella Moore
  • Parliamentarian:  Peyton Reynolds
  • Chaplain: Paula Pham 

Senior Council:

  • President:  Cris Torres
  • Vice-President:  Lyvee Hill 
  • Representative:   Nancy Phoenix

Junior Council:

  • Co-Presidents:   Addy Leaumont and Sophia Trejo 
  • Vice-President:   Julia Marsala
  • Representatives:  Charlize Richardson
  • Garrett Ajlani
  • Garrett Taylor
  • Mary Margaret Hayden

Sophomore Council:

  • President: Abagail Creighton
  • Vice-President:   Maggie Rocconi
  • Representative:   Ella Bonner

Freshman Council:

  • President: Avery Houser
  • Vice-Presidents:   Julianna Tan
  • Representative: Luke Haney


For more information contact STUCO sponsor Olga Trejo