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Spanish National Honor Society

The purpose of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (Spanish National Honor Society) is to recognize high achievement in Spanish and Portuguese by students of secondary schools and to promote continuity of interest in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian studies. 

To be eligible for membership in the SHH, students must meet the following criteria: 

  1. Student must be actively enrolled in an upper level Spanish class (Spanish III or higher) 
  2. Student must have completed at least three semesters of Spanish. 
  3. Transfer students must have spent one full semester in the program at Any High School before eligibility. 
  4. Student must have an overall GPA of 85% or higher. 
  5. Student must have a cumulative Spanish average of 3.5 or higher from all previous courses.  
  6. Student must never have failed a class due to attendance. 
  7. Student must have a good behavior record and no discipline issues on record.

The official name of our school chapter is "Los Guerreros de San Federico" or the St. Frederick Warriors.  This chapter works in conjunction with the Spanish Club to provide service opportunities that benefit the local Hispanic community and to promote the Spanish language and culture to students in our feeder schools.