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Parents' Association

St. Frederick High Spirit Store 

The St. Frederick Parents’ Association Board warmly welcomes you to our school!

For those of you unfamiliar with us, we are a volunteer organization made up of parents who are dedicated to the successful education of our children.  The SFHS Parents’ Association works hard to make the school year enjoyable and exciting for students, teachers, and parents. In addition, we provide many extra needs that the budget does not cover.

Our Mission

The Parents’ Association uses its resources—manpower and money—to support the many efforts of SFHS.  Our mission is to:

  • Promote the welfare of SFHS students
  • Assist to nurture a friendly social atmosphere within the school and among PA members so that new families are welcomed and all SFHS families are encouraged to participate in the PA.

Our Committees

Every year, the Parents’ Association encourages each parent to get involved in some aspect of the organization. The PA completes its annual goals successfully through the work of its four committees:

Fundraising Committee: Parents help raise funds by holding fundraisers.

  • Fall Raffle
  • Winter or Spring Auction
  • Fun Food Friday (FFF).  Funds from FFF support the junior/senior prom and other school projects.

Teachers Appreciation Committee: Parents support teachers throughout the year.

  • Christmas bonus and seasonal luncheons
  • Teachers Appreciation Week
  • Room Parents. This participation system integrates involved parents into the school to meet project or event needs.

Socials Committee:

  • Two junior high socials
  • Grade 9 and 10 high school social

Outreach Committee: Parents reach out to new families to welcome them to our school; parents also look for ways to be a conduit of information from the school to home so that parents know the major events happening at school.

Get Involved
We look forward to meeting families, parents, and grandparents who want to get involved with our organization. Even if you only have an hour to volunteer, you can make a difference.

Our Board

Our 2022-2023 board includes the following parents:

  • President: Lauren Davis
  • Vice President: Carrie Rocconi 
  • Secretary: Susan Taylor
  • Treasurer: Gretchen Tiser
  • Spirit Store: Daniella Patrick
  • TAW/Used Uniform: Lindsey Ingram
  • Beautification: Sadye Richert
  • Auction: Donna Ashbrook
  • Auction: Claire Gordon
  • Lori Bratton
  • Adrienne Bourgeois
  • Jana Blaylock
  • Melissa Perry
  • Vickie Jacola
  • Tammy Sheridan
  • Rhonda Neal

 Parents are the key people who make good schools excellent. Along with students, the administration, and faculty, St. Frederick High School is stronger with your involvement. We look forward to meeting you this school year! 

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