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Counselor's Corner

Message from Our Guidance Counselor

How exciting to be able to be a part of the school community as the St. Frederick High School Guidance Counselor! I am happy to have the opportunity to work with each of our students and parents throughout the school year. As part of this role, I am responsible for planning, advising, and scheduling academic achievements while also working with students to reinforce their college readiness. My academic goal is to collaborate with the students and their families to have a seamless transition not only between grade levels as they matriculate through St. Frederick but also post-graduate endeavors.

As a licensed therapist, I am pleased to be able to provide support for students who are struggling with mental health needs. This means students who have concerns or are struggling with life stressors – social, emotional, and mental – are able to have an outlet to positively resolve their worries either through talk and/or available resources. Further, I am delighted to be incorporating guidance lessons for commonly identified needs among our students. My therapeutic goal is for our students to leave St. Frederick with social and emotional skills that our students can carry with them throughout life.

My goal is to support student development – academically, socially, and emotionally – by:

  • Advocating for each student’s overall needs.
  • Developing and promoting the achievement of each student’s academic and career plan.
  • Encouraging students in the making of mindful decisions concerning their present and future.
  • Providing instruction for student growth in classroom, small-group, and individual settings.
  • Offering empathetic and confidential direct, short-term counseling.
  • Helping to ensure students have the necessary skills to continue post-secondary.

There are many resources and links available on this page for your convenience. I am also readily available for any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Please feel free to contact me at

I am looking forward to a positive year!

Marlo Shepard, LMFT


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