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Fun Food Friday

Fun Food Friday is an annual SFHS fundraiser that funds Junior class projects, including the prom, and other school needs. Your student will be served lunch through the school's Fun Food Friday program through a specific vendor every Friday. The menu is varied and fun! Aramark DOES NOT serve lunch on Fridays. Aramark ONLY serves lunch Monday through Thursday. The FFF menu is available online through your cafeteria account at

FFF Quick Sheet

  • SET UP your student’s myschoolaccount by going to and the access code from the school.
  • PRE-ORDER your child’s meals in advance. You can order for the entire year, week by week, or monthly.
  • FUND your at the time of your order.
  • PRESENT the student ID on Friday at the time of order.
  • RE-ORDER online before every deadline of MONDAY at 11:00 PM before FRIDAY.
  • REMEMBER: Order by Monday 11:00 PM for FFF meal on Friday

Deadline & Payments

The deadline for preorders is the Monday at 11:00 PM before the Friday that your student plans to eat FFF. Your student will NOT be able to order a FFF meal if you miss the deadline. We order ONLY the quantity of food that is preordered and paid for in advance.

We strongly encourage you to pay online. However, if you pay with check, your check must be submitted to the school ahead of the order cut-off - every Monday at 11:00 PM before the Friday for which you are ordering. Remember: The online system will not allow you to place the preorder if your student’s account does not have sufficient funds.

If your student does NOT want the lunch provided on a particular Friday, make sure you send him/her with a sack lunch. If your student wants to opt out of every FFF, he/she needs to bring a sack lunch every Friday.

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