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Mission & Philosophy



As a Catholic school with a diverse student body from many religious denominations, the mission of St. Frederick High School is to nurture students to be living examples of the teachings of Jesus Christ in an atmosphere of academic excellence.



St. Frederick's aim of education centers around building community. We are striving to create a vibrant community of individuals who are working to attain their fullest potential -- spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional, and physical.

In creating a Faith Community, St. Frederick strives to:

  • Aid students in becoming well-balanced men and women who will permeate the world with the Word of God,
  • Aid students in becoming Christian adults with sound moral values, and
  • Support parents in their role as primary Christian educators.

In building a School Community, St. Frederick strives to:

  • Emphasize developmental qualities of character, scholarship, leadership, and responsibility;
  • Maintain a strong academic curriculum including current trends/needs in education;
  • Emphasize the proper ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and fair play through comprehensive athletic programs; and
  • Provide multi-faceted extracurricular programs.

In building a Community of Service, St. Frederick strives to:

  • Offer various extracurricular and co-curricular activities to broaden the social awareness and abilities of our students and
  • Create a sense of responsibility to the school community, the church community, and the civic community.