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Curriculum Guide

SFHS Graduation Requirements

SFHS follows the Louisiana Core 4 Curriculum requirements plus St. Frederick High School requirements. SFHS requires 25.5 units of credit to graduate. If the student qualifies for the TOPS scholarship, additional classes may need to be taken to meet state requirements for TOPS.

The distribution for the Louisiana Core 4 Curriculum and SFHS standards are as follows:

  • *Religion - 4 units (1 unit can be used toward electives)
  • Mathematics - 4 units
  • English - 4 units
  • Social Studies - 4 units
  • Science - 4 units
  • Physical Education - 2 units (1/2 must be health)
  • Foreign Languages - 2 units
  • Art - 1 unit
  • *Computer Literacy - 1/2 unit

*St. Frederick Requirement

(Note: During their senior year, seniors at SFHS are required to take one math, one science, one Religion, and English IV plus three electives to complete their 25.5 units of credit required for graduation. Seniors are required to enroll at SFHS for a full school day each semester. Seniors may not check out at noon.)

Community Service

Community Service is required for completion of each unit of the 4 years of high school Religion, a total of 20 hours per year.

Honors Courses

Honors Courses are offered in English I, II, III, IV; Civics; World Geography; World History; American History; Physical Science; Biology I, II; Chemistry I, II; Anatomy; Physics; Algebra I, II; Geometry; Pre-Calculus; Calculus; Probability and Statistics; Spanish I, II, III, IV.

Advanced Placement Courses

Advanced Placement Courses are offered on campus and online: English Literature and Composition and/or United States History. All AP tests are given in the spring before graduation.

Dual Enrollment Courses

In cooperation with University of Louisiana at Monroe, Delta Community College, and Louisiana Tech University, SFHS offers dual enrollment classes for college credit. Offerings are determined annually by ULM, Tech and Delta in conjunction with SFHS. Dual Enrollment courses in the 2015-16 school year include American History, World History, Biology II, Anatomy, Chemistry II (+ Lab), Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Probability and Stats, Advanced Mathematics, English IV, Kinesiology, Fine Arts Survey, and Spanish IV.

All Dual Enrollment courses are graded on a ten-point scale. Dual enrollment credit will be given based on successful completion of the course. (SFHS course credit units will vary based on college hours of instruction.)

Collegiate Enrollment Courses

Collegiate courses, college courses taken on a college campus for high school and college credit, are available to students who meet ULM’s admissions standards. Classes must be approved by SFHS, and paperwork completed in the counseling office for scheduling at the university.

Ranking and Grading Information

A student’s grade-point averages (GPAs), which are cumulative from grades 8-12, appear on his/her transcript and are computed both on weighted and non-weighted systems, using final grades. The grading and point system is as follows:

Grading Scale

  • A - 90-100
  • B - 80-89
  • C - 70-79
  • D - 65-69
  • F - 0-64