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SFHS Seniors visit Chennault Aviation Museum for Veterans Day

Monroe, November 12, 2015: Over 40 seniors from St. Frederick High School toured Chennault Aviation and Military Museum on Veterans Day, November 11.  The students watched two videos on the history of General Claire Chennault and the creation of the aviation school and airport.  They also were given a tour by the director of the museum, Nell Calloway who is also the granddaughter of Gen. Chennault.

“The new ‘Chennault’ room is absolutely wonderful,” said Dr. Bob Webber, principal of St. Frederick High school. “Every student in North Louisiana should visit the museum.”

According to the Senior Parker Christian, “The museum has expanded since I was last here.  I enjoy how the exhibits that feature the different wars and the advancements of the weapons through our history.”

 “I truly enjoyed being able to meet two of the veterans who are featured in the museum, “said Tracy Stodghill, senior.  Vietnam veteran Ron Griggs, who has a display at the museum where he shares his experiences showed up while the students were touring the museum.  Students were able to talk with Mr. Griggs and listen first hand to his experience.   Mr. Armand Breard, whose granddaughter Blair is a Senior at St. Frederick High School came and spoke to the students about his display and other family members who are featured at the museum.

“The Chennault Museum is one of the truly educational treasures that we have here in Northeast Louisiana,” said Dr. Webber.

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