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We believe that our school should have a wide variety of quality extracurricular activities as a way of enhancing our holistic approach to education. The purpose of such variety is to give ample opportunity to students to develop their skills and to make the school a stimulating and inviting place. Quality extracurricular programs develop students' pride in their school and in themselves, increase their receptivity to formation and promote their success in all aspects of school life.

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 St. Frederick students during a science club meeting. 


St. Frederick Students on Cutting Edge With 3D Printing Tech


The addition of the CAD (computer aided design) lab and 3D printer to St. Frederick's educational arsenal this school year has been a boon for many students who are interested in technological careers.  

Senior Francis Genusa is one of the students that has benefited from the new program. He says he has gotten a broader perspective and a better aptitude for thinking of things in more than just one dimension. He believes this will benefit his planned future career in aerospace technology. He says things are "more real in 3 dimensions than when they're just in black and white on paper." 

Senior Anthony Lanasa concurs with Genusa. "CAD is a class that is teaching the consumers of America how to bring the manufacturing facility direct to their own home. It's taking a step forward in the technology of the world.  

CAD instructor Joni Dollar says her students have impressed her with their ability to learn new programs quickly and to build things from scratch using the 3D printer. The students designed and printed their own chess sets and the engineering class is working on a  a brand new maintenance facility for the school, which will be entirely student-designed.  





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