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Admissions Policy

General Requirements

St. Frederick High School is a co-educational, diocesan Catholic school serving students in grades 7-12. Admission is open to students who wish to pursue their school studies in a safe and caring learning environment and who meet admissions requirements.

St. Frederick High School admits qualified students to its programs. The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, or disability in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, athletic programs, or other programs.

Admissions information is evaluated to determine if the student is prepared to meet the school's academic and disciplinary standards. A student who has been expelled from another school, who has not met the academic requirements of his former school, or who, in the view of the St. Frederick administration, has a history of serious academic or behavior problems, will not be admitted.

Records Requirements

Copies of the following vital records are required at the time of registration: birth certificate; social security card; up-to-date immunization record; and, if the student is Catholic, a copy of the Baptismal certificate. Students entering from non-feeder schools must have copies of their elementary or secondary school record, recent standardized test results, and current grades. Incoming freshmen are required to present proof of completion of eighth grade.

For a student to participate in extracurricular activities including sports he/she must submit the required registration forms with required accompanying records and fees at the time of spring registration before any activities begin.

Feeder School Admission

(Grace Episcopal School, Jesus the Good Shepherd School, and Our Lady of Fatima School)

For students entering from a feeder school, the following information is evaluated: the student's overall elementary school record, recommendation of the feeder school principal, and admissions interview when deemed necessary or appropriate. Priority is given to feeder school students whose completed enrollment applications are submitted by the registration deadline.

Transfer Student Admission

Students wishing to transfer from any state-approved school or home school must complete an admissions application, attach the indicated educational records, and schedule an admissions interview. The following information is evaluated to make an admissions decision: placement/admissions test (when indicated), the admissions interview, school transcript, record of current grades, recent standardized test scores, discipline records, attendance records, and recommendations from the previous school.

All transfer students are considered probationary students for the first semester of attendance. During this time, grades, attendance, and discipline are monitored, and the student's status is reevaluated at semester end, at which time the provisional status may be removed.

How to Apply

Please click on the application package link on the right sidebar to download and complete the admission application.

Once the application has been completed, please deliver it to the front office at 3300 Westminster Avenue, Monroe, LA 71201.  Once the application has been received and reviewed by the Admission Committee, you will be notified of enrollment status.

An appointment with the principal will be made for an interview with the prospective student and parent/guardian. Following acceptance by the school, you will receive an email from TADS on setting up your registration.

More Information

All inquiries about admission, requests for personal tours, transcripts for admissions purposes, or any other information about St. Frederick High School should be directed to the address below:

St. Frederick High School

3300 Westminster Avenue

Monroe, LA 71201-3299

Tel:  (318) 323-9636

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